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Using Lost Device Protection

Lost Device Protection helps you locate a missing phone or tablet, and lock it down if necessary. You can use another mobile device or the SecureAnywhere website to send it one of these commands:

  • Lock: Remotely locks the device and prevents its unauthorized use. Once it's locked, you must use your account password to unlock it.
  • Wipe (available for the Premier/Complete version only): Immediately locks the device, then performs a factory reset to remove everything on your phone, including your personal data, your apps, and your account. (If you have an Android OS version below 2.2, it does not perform a factory reset or remove your account, but does remove all your personal data.) Do not use this command unless you are absolutely sure that your device is permanently lost and you want to completely wipe it.  Before wiping data, SecureAnywhere Mobile turns off the Auto-sync function so it won't delete anything you've previously uploaded to the Gmail servers, such as contacts or calendar entries.  
  • Locate: Locks your phone (same as the Lock command, described above), then responds with a link to a Google Maps page showing your phone's current location. Note: For the Locate command to work, the device must have either a GPS, Wi-Fi, or a telephony connection. Also, if your device does not support SMS or if Webroot does not support your carrier, then you must have logged into the Android Marketplace on the device running Android version 2.2 or greater with a data connection.
  • Scream: Locks your phone (same as the Lock command, described above) and then blasts a loud screaming noise from your phone to help you locate the device or scare a thief. The noise will continue for up to two minutes or until you unlock the device with your password.
  • Customize Lock Screen (available from the SecureAnywhere website only): Locks your phone (same as the Lock command, described above) and displays a text message on its panel. When you use this command, you might want to enter instructions for returning the phone, such as "If found, call 555-5555."

    Note: For GSM-standard phones, the Premier/Complete versions of SecureAnywhere Mobile offers an additional feature that locks the phone if someone removes the SIM card. Your phone can only be unlocked with your password. (If you want to disable the SIM Card Lock feature, go to Identity & Privacy from the main panel, and tap Lost Device Protection to see the SIM Card setting.)

To use Lost Device Protection:

  1. Make sure Lost Device Protection is enabled. To enable it from your device, tap Identity & Privacy, then tap Lost Device Protection .
    In the Lost Device Protection panel, the Device Protection setting displays an ON button.
    Note: For the Premier/Complete versions of SecureAnywhere, you are prompted for your Webroot password before you can change Android's Device Administrator settings or uninstall the SecureAnywhere app. If your device is stolen, this feature prevents a thief from uninstalling the app and disabling Lost Device Protection.
  2. If the button displays "OFF," tap the button.
  3. For Android OS versions 2.2 and later, another panel appears that instructs you to activate device administration. By activating administration, you are enabling enhanced Wipe command capabilities (if you initiate a Wipe, SecureAnywhere Mobile will perform a factory reset). Tap Activate in this panel.
  4. Enter your Webroot account password.
    Note: If you can't remember your password, tap Forgot Password in the password dialog to receive a new password. (This dialog opens for all Lost Device Protection functions.)
  5. Once you activate Lost Device Protection, you can use the Lost Device commands from another phone or from the SecureAnywhere website.
    • From your device:
      Send the command via text message followed by your password. For example, if you want to send a Lock command and your password is check123, send the text message lock check123 from another phone to lock it.
    • From the SecureAnywhere website:
      Go to and log in using your email address and Webroot password. For your device, click the tab for Lost Device Protection. Select one of the commands in the panel.

    When you locate your phone, it displays a dialog with an option for unlocking your device using your password.

If you want to view a list of commands sent, go to the Lost Device Protection panel in the SecureAnywhere Mobile app, then tap Command Log.

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