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Using password management

SecureWeb allows you to launch password-managed sites, automatically populate your personal data into website forms, and use the auto-fill function to populate your credentials into a login page.

Note: To use password management on your iOS device, you must first define password-managed sites. For more information, log in to your Webroot SecureAnywhere account at my.webrootanywhere.com.

To use password management:

  1. From your device's Home panel, tap the SecureWeb icon: .
    A Webroot browser opens with Secure Browsing enabled.
  2. Log in to password management by tapping the key icon in the SecureWeb toolbar: . Enter your Webroot SecureAnywhere user name and password.
    When SecureWeb validates your Webroot credentials, a green checkmark appears above the key icon:

  3. Tap the key icon again to open a list of password features:
    • Sites. This list shows all your password-managed sites, organized by groups. To load one of the sites, tap the appropriate group name, then tap the site name from the list. If you specified "auto-login" for that site, SecureWeb automatically logs you in. If you did not specify "auto-login," SecureWeb displays a Fill Form button, so you can populate the fields with your login credentials.
    • Fill Forms. This option displays your predefined form-fill profiles. Tap Fill Forms, then select a profile. SecureWeb then populates your personal data into the website fields.
    • Logout. Use this option to log out of password management. Be aware that when you log out, you cannot use auto-login, form-fill, or other password-management features.
    • Refresh Sites. If you made changes to your password-managed sites from your PC, tap Refresh Sites to download the changes to your mobile device.
    • Re-Login. Use this option to log back in to password management.

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