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Managing files and photos

From Backup & Sync, you can copy, move, delete, and rename files or photos in the synchronized folders. Be aware that the changes you make to these folders are reflected on your other devices. For example, if you delete a file from the Anywhere folder, none of your devices will be able to access that file in that location. If you delete a file from one of your Remote Containers, the file is deleted from your online account.

To manage files and photos:

  1. In Backup & Sync, browse to the file or photo you want to modify.
    • To locate files, tap Files file in the tab bar. Tap the name of the device or shared folder you want to access.
    • To locate photos, tap Photos photos in the tab bar. Tap the Detail button arrow next to Media Files or another folder.
  2. To manage a single file:
    • Tap the Detail button arrow next to the file you want to manage.
    • In the Action sheet, you can select from several actions, such as View File, Delete File, and Rename File.
  3. To manage multiple files or folders:
    • Tap the Action button go.
    • In the Action sheet, tap Select Items.
    • Tap the individual files or folders so that a checkmark appears checkmark.
    • At the bottom of the panel, tap the buttons for Move or Delete.


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