Webroot Backup & Sync for iOS - Help

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Getting started

To use Backup & Sync:

  1. After you download the app to your mobile device, look for the Backup & Sync icon on the Home panel: icon. Tap the Backup & Sync icon.
  2. Enter your Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete user name and password.
    (If you want to set Backup & Sync to automatically log in, see Changing account settings.)
    Backup & Sync shows your synchronized devices in the middle panel. At the bottom, a tab bar allows you to switch between the following tasks:

    • file Files provides access to the Anywhere folder, files on your mobile device, and synchronized files from other devices in your Webroot account.

    • photos Photos provides access to the photos and albums you uploaded to your Webroot account. From here you can view and download photos.

    • camera Camera allows you to take pictures and record video, and then upload those files to your online account. You can also upload existing media from your device. The files will be uploaded to Files and Folders/(DeviceName)/Media Files.

    • downloads Downloads shows the status of any files downloading to your mobile device.

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